Managed Solutions

Working with companies across sectors to deliver effective online content, building brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Managed Backup

The protection of your business data and access to this information in a timely manner are important factors to consider in case of data loss or disaster. FirstServ’s fully managed backup solution provides a fast, agent-less, transparent backup and recovery for your cloud dedicated servers. 

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Disaster Recovery

With so many businesses reliant upon internal and external access to and transfer of data, a disaster situation such as a major building fire can cause crippling damage to providers and end-users alike. A simple restoration of your most recent data snapshot will not be sufficient to resume business operations.

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Managed FirewallS

For companies requiring ultimate protection and control, our dedicated firewalls provide enterprise-class security, allowing you to control network activity and application traffic, as well as delivering flexible VPN connectivity.

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Server Monitoring

When there is a problem with your website or server, whatever time of day or night, it needs to be fixed as fast as possible. Firstserv offer a range of monitoring and fault resolution services, so that any problems can be identified and resolved quickly. 

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