Backup as a Service

Managed Backups

The protection of your business data and access to this information in a timely manner are important factors to consider in case of data loss or disaster. FirstServ’s fully managed backup solution provides a fast, agent-less, transparent backup and recovery for your cloud dedicated servers. Using next generation technology from Veeam, we can instantly restore exactly what you need, whether that’s the entire server, a particular file, a specific application or user data, providing effective disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of a failure, change or corruption.


  • Faster Server Recovery
    Restore your entire server in minutes by booting it directly from the backup itself. This
    ground-breaking technology eliminates the need to extract the backup and copy it to
    production storage, providing faster recovery times.

  • File-Level Recovery
    Restore individual files from backups in seconds to the latest state or any generation
    within the previous 10 days, supported on any Operating System or file system.

  • Daily or Hourly Backups
    Choose from daily or hourly backups to protect your data, with a 10 day retention of
    files. Daily backups are taken overnight, whilst hourly backups provide 240 bootable

  • Near-Continuous Data Protection
    Backup your servers as often as every few minutes, with the ability to immediately
    failover to a ready-to-start replica. Pricing available on request.

  • On-Demand Sandbox
    Create an isolated environment for application-item recovery, recovery verification,
    testing software and patches, or just troubleshooting problems all whilst your actual
    server is still live.