Data centre & network

London, Maidenhead and Birmingham data centers operates approximately 12,000 m2 of carrier neutral, geographically diverse data center space. FirstServ have two facilities in Central London one facility in Birmingham and one in Maidenhead. The data centres are designed to offer a high level of redundancy to keep systems online.


Data security requires robust management at all ends of the spectrum. Physically, our DC's are protected by 24x7 CCTV, perimeter fencing, on-site security personnel and anti-ram bollards that surround the site’s perimeter. Access to a site can be obtained once government-issued identification has been produced for verification. Both London and Birmingham Central also have bio metric readers allowing stress-free, secure access for all registered customers.

With the physical threat controlled, our security focus extends to the logical data. Our technical teams include security specialists deploying and maintaining the very latest security appliances and two-factor authentication products. The only partnerships we maintain are with similarly leading providers - a testament to the quality of our deployments.

Certified and Secure

All data centres are also ISO 27001 certified. ISO27001 is the most widely adopted security standard in the world. Our compliance with that standard demonstrates that we take information security seriously and have taken effective steps to put in place an independently certified information security management system to safeguard corporate and client data.

Fire Prevention

We utilise building-wide, multi-zonal fire detection systems with both ionisation and optical detectors in suites, roof cavities and sub-floors. For complete peace of mind we’ve also installed a Highly Sensitive Smoke Detection (HSSD) System, which is able to detect fires before they flare, allowing the best possible opportunity to detect and control the spread of fire before it takes hold.

Business Continuity

Our geographically diverse data centers span the UK reaching from the financial core in London to the industrial and digital hub of the Midlands. This allows us to offer resilience in the same or in multiple regions through our Firstserv Backup and Disaster Recovery services.


Harnessing and maintaining power is at the very core of delivering our service to clients. All of the technology we possess would be rendered ineffectual without a continuous, uninterrupted supply of power. So, we have designed our facilities with this in mind. Each data center has multiple and separate 11kV
feeders that link to distinct substations as part of the local network in order to provide a reliable utility supply.

Both our data centers operate a minimum N+1 configuration for backup generators. To provide continuity, we operate a minimum 2N battery-based UPS system.

We consider every eventuality - alongside fuel supply agreements and routine maintenance programs we even store enough fuel on-site for a minimum of 48 hours to keep everything up and running.


Heat is an enemy to reliable data storage. It is essential that the data halls are kept at the optimum temperature to ensure the integrity of data. The environment is constantly monitored through an array of temperature and humidity sensors, alerting us to any potential problems before your data or equipment is affected.