Server Monitoring

When there is a problem with your website or server, whatever time of day or night, it needs to be fixed as fast as possible. Firstserv offer a range of monitoring and fault resolution services, so that any problems can be identified and resolved quickly. 

Health Metrics in Real-time

Infrastructure collects and displays health metrics such as CPU, load, and memory at the host level, as well as individual process, network and storage level.

Apply filters based on tags, metadata, and custom attributes that allow you to slice-and-dice into a subset of the infrastructure and view metrics for those as well.

  • Processes: View CPU performance across your systems, create CPU-based alerts, and discover which of your hosts have high or low loads.

  • Network: View network load across your systems, compare load balances, and view your most common network errors.

  • Storage: View disk usage across your systems, set disk-based alerts, and plan for future storage capacity.

Metrics and Events Correlation

Decrease MTTR with instant correlation of both real-time health metrics and configuration change events to know what’s changed and its impact on the health of your services and systems.

Near Real-time Data

Infrastructure securely collects and displays your data in five seconds, so your monitoring never lags behind reality.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time metrics and powerful analytics reduce your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by connecting changes in host performance to changes in your configuration. Hosts are automatically added and removed from the interface as they are created and destroyed, and a powerful Events page lets you see every change.

  • Unified performance charts combine all your hosts into a single view.
  • Filter sets let you isolate the components most relevant to you or a custom attribute identifying a dev team.
  • Inventory lets you track and search every package on every host.
  • Integrated alerting ensures you are notified about problems relevant to you or your team before they become critical situations.


Application Monitoring

Instantly understand app performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks. A complete view of your applications and operating environment. No matter where your applications run, our cloud-based platform lets you understand them all from a single screen.

  • Auto-instrumentation for the an industry-leading seven programming languages means you can know what’s happening in any application environment.
  • Quickly find root causes and fix issues fast, thanks to in-depth transaction details that show exact method calls with line numbers, including external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.
  • Get a complete picture by combining key metrics from mobile and browser apps with supporting services, datastores, and hosts, so you can optimize performance holistically and ensure the success of every initiative.