services level agreements

At FirstServ we understand that server availability is critical to our clients and we have developed the following Service Level Agreements to ensure maximum performance and uptime.

100% network uptime

Our best-of-breed, fully redundant network has had zero downtime since its inception and we intend to keep it that way. We are so confident that we offer all of our clients an enterprise-class SLA guaranteeing 100% network availability, no matter what solution you choose. In the unlikely event that there is any downtime in a given month we will happily credit your account.

1-hour hardware replacement

We guarantee all rented server hardware to ensure you get the best performance from your solution. On the rare occasion of a component failure, we will replace the hardware within a maximum of 60 minutes, limiting the impact of the failure. If for any reason we are unable to replace faulty equipment within 1 hour, your account will be credited for every additional hour of downtime experienced.