The myFirstServ portal empowers you to monitor and manage your infrastructure, providing the ability to make live updates to your environment, raise support tickets, plan future capacity and a host of other features.

Administration Control... made easy!

Visual representations of your servers and hardware, with features such as live IP address assignment, instant server reboots, live firewall updates and DNS management, make it quick and easy for you to take control and manage your infrastructure.

Live Performance Monitoring

myFirstServ gathers in-depth statistics and metrics from your environment, providing visibility of your infrastructure performance at any time. From key components such as CPU, memory and disk usage, to fan speeds, thermal sensors and much more, the intuitive system will alert our support staff of any potential issues before they occur so that corrective action can be taken before it affects performance.

24/7 Support

Our friendly support team are always available to provide advice and assistance, with all response times being measured to ensure we deliver a fast and effective service.

Customised for you

All of our tools are written in-house and are developed on a continual basis, allowing us to add and tailor features for any specific requirements that you may have.