migrations & transitions

Already with an existing hosting provider or worried about migrating from your in-house infrastructure? Start realising the many benefits of hosting with FirstServ and let our team of experts ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition, with zero disruption to service.

one month FREE hosting!

We all know that migrating your infrastructure can take time and it's important to fully test your new environment before going live. If you're migrating across from a selected competitive hosting provider we'll give you one month free hosting to make the transition that little bit easier. Offer applies to all dedicated server hosting packages, sign up to a twelve month contract and receive one extra month hosting free of charge.

complimentary services

Our technical support team are on-hand to advise and assist you with your infrastructure migration. We can help you plan the migration, assist with testing and staging configurations, and use best practice methodologies to ensure zero data loss and minimal to no disruption to service during the transition. We also offer free DNS services to manage your domain names and IP addresses, giving you one less thing to worry about.

migration consultancy service

If you're lacking in-house resources or simply want additional assistance, we offer a complete migration service to manage the transition on your behalf. This consultancy requires an in-depth understanding of your current infrastructure and business objectives, comprehensive migration planning, full solution testing prior to going live, and finally transitioning across with zero disruption.