carbon neutral hosting

At FirstServ we take environmental concerns seriously. We offer clients the ability to offset the carbon emissions from their servers and we are committed to achieving best practice to reduce our carbon footprint.

energy efficient datacentres

We recognise that our main environmental impact comes from the power used to run our datacentre facilities and we therefore use innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of power and cooling. We operate hot and cold aisles where cold air is pumped into the front of servers and hot air extracted from the back, these are physically separated so the air cannot mix, reduce cooling requirements and thus power consumption.

energy smart servers

The latest generation Dell servers consume up to 25% less energy than previous generations, with a 3x increase in performance per watt. They also feature new energy efficient technologies such as high efficiency power supplies, variable speed temperature controlled fan technology, small form factor hard drives and low voltage processors, all of which result in a lower power requirement and reduced power wastage.

corporate responsibility

From bulk buying to reduce the number of deliveries and carbon emissions from transportation, to recycling packaging and waste through local schemes, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

carbon emission off-setting

We are pleased to offer our clients the following two options to offset carbon emissions from your servers. The carbon footprint is calculated based upon the energy consumption of the servers and the PUE (power usage efficiency) of the datacentre itself, using the average from of 430g (grams) of CO2 per KWh (Kilo Watt hour).

The Carbon Neutral Company is verified and certified by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). Carbon credits can be invested in projects in the developing world and resource conservations schemes.

The Woodland Trust is a UK based charity, planting and managing woodlands in the UK. Planting new trees increases carbon sequestration and protecting existing woodlands is vital for UK residents and local wildlife.