Security Scanning

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From £74

To have a website security scanned you simply need to send us the IP address(es) and we will scan them at a prearranged time and date. You will then be sent a report noting all vulnerabilities. Reports are typically 20-30 pages long, depending on the vulnerabilities discovered.

Each point of vulnerability is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is minimal, and 5 is urgent.

The rating is followed by a description of the threat, the potential impact of the threat and the solution - what action needs to be taken to resolve it. The remedial action necessary for each vulnerability may involve a patch, a configuration change or some other action.

Once all necessary actions have been taken, Firstserv will perform a second scan, at no extra charge, to ensure that threats have been resolved.

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PCI Compliance Scanning

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was jointly created by Visa and Mastercard and is also endorsed by Amex, Diners Club and JCB. PCI DSS focuses on the storage and use of cardholder data, and is about preventing card data from being used fraudulently and minimising the risks of financial loss. PCI compliance is mandatory for all merchants and service providers that collect, process, or transmit payment card account information, and non-compliance can lead to fines, as well as increased risk of card data being compromised.

The scan covers your website’s IP address, however, if you transfer your customers to a third-party shopping cart during the checkout process then you should include that IP address to be scanned as well. This is important, because you could be held responsible if anyone gets hold of your clients’ payment card information anywhere along the transaction process.

The result of the scan will be a PCI Technical report, which will summarise the scanned IPs as being compliant or not compliant with the PCI scan validation requirement.

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PCI & Security Scanning

Firstserv offer both Security and PCI scanning, providing a detailed report of vulnerabilities. We are also able to assist in resolving problems that the reports raise, if necessary. These scans check for potential vulnerabilities and provide information on how best to resolve them. Companies who process credit cards on their website will need to meet additional requirements in order to be PCI compliant.

FirstServ Undertake The Maintenance on Your Behalf

If the reports identify vulnerabilities that you are not able/willing to fix yourself, Firstserv’s technical team are able to arrange patching and other maintenance to resolve issues. The work is charged on an hourly basis, and maximum costs are agreed in advance. We aim to provide a quick and accurate service, and will rescan for you as often as needed in order to resolve vulnerabilities and/or achieve PCI compliance.

To discuss your requirements or arrange for a scan, please contact We will connect you with our technical team who will perform the scan and deliver the results to you.