Should you choose to host Sage 50 on Cloud?

Any small business owner can subscribe to Sage 50 without giving it a second thought. It will help you to make your complete accounting process simple, along with saving money and rising efficiency.

Sage 50 is a highly versatile accounting software for SMB’s and offers all the functions and tools to make accounting easy and correct. It’s recommended that Sage 50 is hosted on Cloud and below are the main benefits of doing so:

  • High Security

The Cloud Hosting provider will take care of all the security measures when hosting Sage 50 on Cloud. They will take all the necessary steps to make sure that your data is protected using encryption technologies with hourly backups and firewalls. There is no risk of data loss, since it saves the data on multiple servers and is regularly backed up.

  • Cost-effective

Hosting Sage 50 replaces your upfront cost, installation cost, maintenance cost and IT personnel salaries with a minimal monthly rental. Expert support teams hired by the Cloud Hosting provider will handle all the troubleshooting tasks.

  • Easy Access and improved productivity

Working on Sage 50 software and accessing your data securely allows your clients or employees to work remotely irrespective of their actual physical location. Companies with multiple locations or mobile employees discover that centralised access to data allows them to work securely, as though they were all in the same office.It also allows users to export data through excel or PDF files without loss of efficiency and functionality. In fact, you can also download required files or data from any device.

  • Paperless Environment

Sage 50 offers a centralised database to take care of all the documentation needs. This helps you to cut unnecessary paperwork and makes a paperless work-culture, which helps the environmental causes.

  • Round the Clock Support

Choosing to host Sage 50 on Cloud means you are choosing a skilled support team that is available 24*7.

  • Automatic Backup

Hosting Sage 50 on Cloud offers automatic data backup facility with no extra charges. Hourly backups ensure maximum security and data redundancy. The financial data of the company remains protected and untouched in the event of any disaster.

  • Least Downtime Issues

If your in-house server crashes hosting Sage 50 then you face, at best days of lost productivity, and at worst, a total loss of all data and potential fiduciary liabilities. Hosting on Cloud ensures no downtime as in the unlikely event of a failure, your system is simply rebooted to its last hourly backup and you can carry on as normal.

  • Save on Software Upgrades

Hosting Sage 50 on Cloud allows an organisation-wide system without open costs of a premium license. The Cloud Hosting provider normally comprises the cost of the license in their monthly package. This is mainly vital for small firms as many must allocate funds each year for software upgrade.


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