e-commerce solutions

For many organisations e-commerce is an important part of business, often responsible for a significant portion of revenue. If customers can't access the site or have issues loading content, not only will this result in lost revenues but also puts customer loyalty and brand reputation at risk. Our e-commerce hosting solutions are designed to ensure the best possible user experience.

maximum availability & performance

A load balanced solution allows intelligent distribution of your customers across multiple servers, providing maximum performance and unparalleled uptime. Combined with in-built redundancy and 100% network guarantee, these features ensure your e-commerce site is always available and operating at peak performance.

faster sites, higher search rankings

Google now incorporates site speed to determine search engine rankings. Improve the ranking and visibility of your store by ensuring the fastest page load times with our e-commerce solutions. Not only will this drive increased traffic to your site but faster sites create happier users, often resulting in improved ROI and conversion rates.

scaling for peaks in demand

Our e-commerce solutions are specifically designed with the ability to seamlessly upgrade and scale with no disruption to service. This rapid scalability enables you to cope with seasonal or unpredictable peaks in demand and accommodate future growth.

PCI compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global information security standard for organizations processing, storing or transmitting cardholder information. Our datacentre has achieved the PCI DSS accreditation and our technical team can advise on the requirements to ensure your e-commerce solution is PCI compliant.

e-commerce expertise

We fully support a number of the leading e-commerce platforms including Magento, Actinic, osCommerce, Zen Cart and more. Leverage our vast knowledge and experience in this area to ensure you get the perfect hosting solution for your e-commerce needs.

fast & dynamic backups

Using next generation technology from Veeam we can provide fast and transparent backup and recovery of your online store. This unique technology enables you to instantly boot any historic backup to recover specific data or replace your entire site.

security features

Select from our range of security features to protect your e-commerce site. With dedicated or high availability firewalls and unrivalled DDoS mitigation, you can be certain your on-line business is safe and secure.