Disaster Recovery as a Service

Continual availability of your Website to your customers, staff and users is vital in this day and age. Whilst backups provide a good degree of protection against accidental or even malicious damage to your server, as seen with the recent high profile IT systems failure at British Airways in 2017, a disaster situation such as a major building fire, power loss or flood can cause crippling damage to providers and end-users alike and in these situations, a simple restoration of your most recent data snapshot may not be possible immediately as new hardware may need to be provisioned, and would still likely result in a loss of data, uptime, orders and crucially reputation. This may not be sufficient to resume business operations rapidly; To ensure you’re always online, a complete replication of your hosting environment would traditionally be required, more than doubling your IT spend.


Why do I need a Cloud DRaaS solution?

FirstServ's Zerto DRaaS solution ensures your website is back online as seamlessly and rapidly as possible in the event of a catastrophic failure of your hosting environment or even the primary datacenter itself, ensuring that your customers can continue to shop and your staff can stay productive and available, even in the most trying of times, all at a fraction of the cost.

So what’s the solution?

FirstServ’s DRaaS is a fully managed, Disaster Recovery (DR) service which leverages the power of our enterprise Cloud platform. An entire replica of your FirstServ server estate is hosted in, and real-time replicated to, our like-for-like enterprise DRaaS environment in our Birmingham Datacentre facility on resources reserved and dedicated entirely for you, ensuring there is no waiting in line to see if you can get back online! We use the latest enterprise grade equipment located in one of our geographically diverse and secure UK data centres. Our expert team of in-house cloud engineers work directly with you to assess and plan a bespoke Recovery solution that fits your needs, ensuring timely, responsive and compliant hosting is available when you need it most.



Off-site Deployment Your data is protected in geographically diverse locations
Resource Reservation Reservation of Disk, CPU and Memory capacity to be used only by you, ensuring that in the event of a disaster, you're already at the front of the queue
Scalable Resource Ability to scale your reservation in line with the demands of your business as you grow
Workload Protection Protect the parts of your infrastructure that are crucially required to operate your business to ensure your data and services are protected, even in the most extreme times
DR Plan & Test Understand and test how your DR will be invoked and how resources will be made available to your users
Disaster Recovery If the worst ever happens, know that you’ll be safe with the total restoration of the agreed replicated compute resource
Price Efficient With solutions available from just £99 a month