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Registering a domain

Some country specific domains have requirements for registration – please check that you meet these requirements where relevant.

Transferring in and out

The price for transferring a domain to us is the same as for a 1 year renewal (except for and domains, which are free to transfer).

When a domain is transferred it will also be renewed for 1 year (again, except for and domains).

There is no charge to transfer a domain away from Firstserv.

For detailed instructions on how to transfer a domain to or from Firstserv, please check our knowledgebase.

Renewal reminders

We invoice for domain renewal 30 days in advance, and send renewal reminders before domain expiry. Please ensure that your email address in our control panel is up-to-date, and that invoices are paid promptly. Domains will be automatically renewed once payment is received.

Registration requirements

.uk domains - If you register a .uk domain please be aware you are entering into a contract with Nominet, the .uk domain registry. Details of this contract can be found at

.eu domains - Registrants must be located within the EU.

.ca domains - There are Canadian presence requirements for registrants.

.de domains - Must have administrative contact resident in Germany.

.ie domains - All applicants applying for a .ie domain name who are not situated in the 32 counties of Ireland must demonstrate a Real and Substantive Connection with Ireland (with the exception of those applying with a registered Community Trademark).

(More details on .ie domain registration requirements and acceptable documentation available here: )

.mobi domains - Adherence to mobile-compatibility style guidelines can be enforced by challenge process

.us domains - Registrants of .us domains must be United States citizens, residents, or organizations, or a foreign entity with a presence in the United States. domains – Domains can only be registered by: local and regional government bodies (including properly constituted town, parish and community councils); UK government and devolved administration departments and agencies; executive and advisory non-departmental public bodies and appropriate projects