digital media & publishing

Digital media and online publishing are key tools used to communicate and engage audiences online, enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty. Our solutions are designed to provide the perfect platform to deliver this digital content and ensure the best possible user experience for your current and prospective customers.

high performance & availability

Our solutions ensure maximum performance and availability of your online media. Using a combination of load balancing and in-built redundancy, we ensure that your digital content is always available and easily accessible to your target audience.


Our hosting solutions are specifically designed with the ability to seamlessly upgrade and scale with no disruption to service. This rapid scalability enables you to cope with seasonal or unpredictable peaks in demand and accommodate future growth.

media frameworks

From PHP, MySQL and Ruby on Rails, to Wordpress and other publishing platforms, we provide the frameworks and applications you need to deliver creative and effective online media.

mobile applications

The phenomenal rise in mobile applications has highlighted the need for dynamic and stable infrastructure to host the interactive application services and cope with peaks in demand. Our solutions provide the performance and security required and scalability to meet these demands.

media streaming

We provide high bandwidth solutions that enable video and audio streaming as well as supporting technologies such as Flash, Windows and QuickTime. This enables you to deliver content rich services securely, quickly and effectively.