SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is a must have for any e-commerce store or website that handles sensitive user data; especially websites dealing with credit or debit card payments.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate protects your customers in two ways. Firstly, it creates a secure connection between your web server and the customer’s web browser, and secondly it verifies your credentials to your customer, reassuring them that they can trust you. If you use your site for ecommerce, require logging on, or process sensitive information, then an SSL Certificate is crucial to allow customers to use your site with confidence.

Firstserv offers a range of SSL options ensuring your public servers and sites are in line with industry best practices but also offers cost effective-options for internal servers and special use cases.
  • 2048 bit Organization Validated (OV), Extended Validation (EV), Wildcard, and Multi-domain certificates.

  • SHA-256 certificates and EV SSL support for Certificate Transparency (CT) ensures the best browser UI experience.

  • Flexible Key Usage (KU) and Extended Key Usage (EKU) settings

  • Private hierarchies, internal, or special use case certificates can include internal server names.

  • Secure mobile and other devices with limited storage, bandwidth, and computation power with ECC certificates