Cloud Hosting

The flexible, scalable and reliable way to host

FirstServ Cloud Hosting combines cutting edge technology from VMware’s industry leading virtualisation platform with our 20 years of hosting experience to bring you a solution that is fast, secure and fully managed with 24/7 support.

Choose your perfect Cloud Hosting

CPU Cores

Server memory (RAM)

Disk space (GB)

Cores RAM Storage
4x 4GB 40GB

Cloud Hosting benefits

  • Quick and easy set up: Well get your server up and running in minutes. And there’s no need to wait for new hardware to arrive and be installed.
  • Flexible: we’ll help you to customise your cloud and even mix cloud hosting, colocation and dedicated servers to provide the solution that best meets your needs.
  • Scalable: You can also scale your resources up and down easily, and without reinstalling your operating system.
  • Resilient: You don’t rely on a single physical server, which means that if anything goes wrong your hosting can simply move across to another part of the cloud.
  • With FirstServ Cloud Hosting efficient use of resources means lower cost, and you save time and money. The net result is more uptime and better performance.

A fully managed service

  • Enterprise Monitoring: Site monitoring customised to your needs – for example, we can check a specific page on your website and notify you if it fails to respond.
  • Action on alarm: We can carry out specific instructions on how to respond to a particular problem without waiting for the customer to notify us or request changes.
  • Security: We keep your operating system patched, providing up-to-date security
  • Backup: We perform a daily backup of your data, giving you peace of mind.
  • Cloud Support: Get access to our support 24/7 by phone or email to assist with any queries.