Take advantage of our add-on managed services to customize the perfect hosting solution. Our team of experts are here to advise on the best approach to take to meet your business requirements, giving you complete peace of mind.

firewall protection

Protect your infrastructure with our shared, dedicated or high availability firewalls, providing you with complete control of inbound and outbound traffic.

load balancing

Intelligently distribute workload across multiple servers for maximum performance and availability.

DDoS mitigation

Providing you with an unrivalled level of protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

storage & backup

Select from our range of storage and backup solutions to protect your business critical data.

domain management

Purchase, manage, transfer or renew your businesses most critical assets, with additional SSL and DNS services.

private & hybrid cloud

Tailored solutions offering the flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting with additional security and control.

firewall protection

server gatekeepers

A firewall sits in-front of your hosted infrastructure, acting as a gate-keeper to your servers. Firewall technologies are used to block unauthorized access to your infrastructure, whilst permitting approved communications.

shared firewalls

Benefit from many of the tools and controls of a dedicated firewall, at a fraction of the cost. A shared firewall provides you with a single port on one of our dedicated Cisco or Check Point firewall installations, allowing you full control of inbound and outbound traffic.

dedicated firewalls

For companies requiring ultimate protection and control, our dedicated firewalls provide enterprise-class security, allowing you to control network activity and application traffic, as well as delivering flexible VPN connectivity. Choose between Cisco's Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) range or extend your protection to the application layer with our Check Point firewalls as used by 100% of the Fortune 100 companies.

high availability firewall protection

Require total redundancy for your solution? Have complete peace of mind by selecting a redundant pair of dedicated firewalls, ensuring uptime in the event of a device failure or critical maintenance updates.

load balancing

intelligently distributed architecture

Load balancing allows you to intelligently distribute workload across multiple web or front end servers. This avoids overloading any one server, ensuring optimal resource utilization, maximised throughput and the quickest response times.

maximum performance & availability

Load balancing is essential where performance and business continuity are critical. By distributing your customers across multiple servers it provides increased performance and an improved user experience, with unparalleled uptime and resilience.

seamless upgrades, rapid scalability

By dynamically re-distributing your users, load balancing allows for server maintenance, reboots, upgrades or repair, with no interruption to service, even in the event of a server failure. It also enables the rapid and seamless provisioning of new hardware, allowing you to quickly increase capacity to cope with seasonal or unpredictable peaks in demand, giving you the confidence that your site will always perform.

market leading technologies

Using market leading technologies from Barracuda, Cisco and F5 Networks, our load balancing solutions are highly recommended for customers running e-commerce sites, business critical applications or customer facing solutions, where performance and uptime are essential.

DDoS mitigation

the power of DDoS

Dealing with a DoS (Denial of Service) and more specifically a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is the hardest thing for any organisation to do. If left undefended, a DDoS attack can disable a website or application indefinitely. The cost of this to an organisation will vary depending on the size and nature of the business however for those whose online presence is vital, the consequences of being disabled for hours, days or even weeks is potentially devastating.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks can take many forms and are generally perpetrated from a large network of compromised PC's connected to the Internet called botnets. These botnets generate hundreds of thousands of legitimate requests per second, specifically mimicking normal visitor behaviour. These targeted attacks are impossible to mitigate at a network firewall level due to the legitimate looking nature of the requests.

DDoS protection

We protect our network and all customers against large-scale DDoS attacks using carrier grade technology. This market leading technology applies heuristic pattern analysis and artificial intelligence to incoming connections, safeguarding your infrastructure. This ensures that genuine visitors are always allowed, whilst attack traffic is identified and automatically mitigated, enabling business as usual.

storage & backup

disaster recovery & business continuity

The protection of your business critical data and access to this information in a timely manner are important factors to consider incase of data loss or disaster. Our range of storage & backup solutions provide all you need for effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

network attached storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a cost effective and efficient method of backing up your sensitive or critical data so you have instant local access to backups. We offer the choice of shared, dedicated, redundant or off-site NAS devices to cater for all of your backup requirements.

storage area network (SAN)

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is critical for any applications that require virtualisation, clustering, high availability or system wide access to core data. We offer the choice of direct attached, iSCSI or Fibre Channel solutions in a range of configurations. From mass data storage to high IOPS SSD SAN's, we have the solution that's right for you.

fast & dynamic backups fo VMware

Running a VMware solution on your server? Using next generation technology from Veeam we can provide fast and transparent backup and recovery of your server with capabilities that go far beyond traditional physical or virtual backup tools. This unique technology enables you to instantly boot or recover any historic backup in the event of a failure, change or corruption.

domain management

domain management

Our powerful domain management system provides you with the ability to change administration, billing and technical details, create and manage nameservers, and where possible 'lock' domain names to protect against unauthorized access. It also enables bulk purchasing, transfers or modifications to your domain portfolio along with a free 'WHOIS' privacy service to protect your identity and provide a forwarding details.

DNS services

We offer all customers a free DNS service to connect your domain name to your servers IP address and services, allowing you to add or remove domain names, modify zone records, manage DNS configuration and replication.

SSL certificates

Security certificates are essential for customers who need secure communications or solutions for e-commerce. Through our partnership with GeoTrust we offer low cost, wide browser-recognition, digital security products featuring 256-bit SSL and EV certificates. These offer the highest commercially available level of security that has become the standard for e-commerce-enabled websites or those that collect private information from users such as credit card numbers, account numbers or passwords.

private & hybrid cloud

tailored solutions

Want the benefits of cloud hosting but require additional security and control? Let our team of experts design your own Private or Hybrid cloud, providing you with complete flexibility to instantly deploy new virtual environments and cost effectively scale on-demand.

private cloud

Our private cloud solutions give you full control of the deployment and distribution of infrastructure resources, giving you the flexibility to dynamically overcommit and redistribute them at any given time. Improve utilisation and efficiency while benefiting from rapid scalability as and when you need it.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds by combining dedicated server hosting with a cloud environment to form a single solution. Benefit from the improved performance and configurability of a dedicated environment, with the flexibility and scalability of cloud. This is a cost effective method for companies to improve the performance of their solution and achieve their business goals.