Our dedicated servers provide the perfect platform to host your business applications and medium to heavy demand websites. Select from our range of add-on managed services to customize the perfect solution, backed up by our 24/7 support and enterprise class SLA's.

dependable hosting

Meet the performance, security and control requirements of most organisations.

power & performance

High performance solutions that are built to scale.

proven reliability

Designed with in-built redundancy for high uptime requirements.

flexibility & control

Have complete control of your environment with full root access and choice of OS.

total security

Your server is totally secure and dedicated to you.

pro-active management

Round the clock monitoring and support with full access to myFirstServ.


complete control

Our dedicated servers provide complete control of your environment, with a choice of Operating Systems and full root-level access to install any applications or software you choose.

maximum performance

Built using the latest generation Dell technology, all of our dedicated servers offer powerful solutions that are designed to meet the high performance and scalability requirements of most organisations.

in-built redundancy

With in-built redundancy our dedicated servers ensure continued service and high uptime, even in the event of a hard drive failure. All dedicated servers come with RAID 1 as standard, providing a mirrored live copy of your data, or select up to RAID 10 for increased performance and redundancy.

hot-swappable components

For ultimate redundancy choose from our dS INTENSE range where many key components can be removed and replaced with no disruption to service. With dual quad core processors, SAS hot-swappable drives and hot-swappable redundant power supplies, you can be confident your business will remain online, 100% of the time.

enterprise management & support

No matter the size or nature of your business you will receive our premier 24/7 support and enterprise class SLA's guaranteeing 100% network uptime and 1 hour hardware replacement. With full access to your myFirstServ portal you can pro-actively monitor and manage your infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

managed services

Take advantage of our range of add-on services to protect and manage your infrastructure. With firewall protection, DDoS mitigation, load balancing and more you can customize the perfect solution.

Managed services


Your dedicated server is backed up by our 24/7 in-house support team, with full access to myFirstServ enabling you to monitor and manage your infrastructure.


Our friendly support team are available 24/7 to monitor, advise and make requested changes to your infrastructure. We measure all response times via the myFirstServ support ticket system to ensure we deliver a fast and effective service that is second to none.


The unique and powerful myFirstServ customer portal gives you up-to-the-second information about your environment, enabling pro-active monitoring and management. Accessible online or via your iPhone, iPad or mobile device, our simple management tools make it quick and easy for you to take control, providing the ability to instantly reboot your dedicated server and make live updates at anytime, from anywhere in the world.


Choose from our range of additional options to customize your perfect solution.


Running a VMware solution? Using next generation technology from Veeam we can backup your server, allowing you to quickly boot or recover data in the event of a failure, change or corruption. Data can be booted from any generation of backup taken within the previous 10 days.

Daily backup = From £49 / month per server
Hourly backups = From £99 / month per server

plesk licenses

Parallels Plesk 10 control panel simplifies user experience with a highly intuitive user interface that enables you to manage your server. This helps you rapidly create, update and manage websites whilst making it easy to add new applications and functionality.

10 Domains = £15 / month
100 Domains = £40 / month
Unlimited Domains = £65 / month

firewall protection

Our firewall solutions give you full control of inbound and outbound traffic. For those requiring ultimate protection and control choose from our range of Cisco and Check Point dedicated firewalls allowing you to control network activity and application traffic.

Vyatta Dedicated Firewalls = £99 / month per server

load balancing

Load balancing allows for the intelligent distribution of your users across multiple servers providing increased performance, uptime and resilience. Choose our Barracuda load balancer port or from a range of dedicated solutions for ultimate performance and availability.

Barracuda Load Balancer Port = From £75 / month + setup
Dedicated Load Balancers = From £379 / month + setup

dedicated switch

When you are running multiple servers our Cisco gigabit dedicated switches allows you to communicate privately between servers and have common access to devices such as load balancers and firewalls.

Dedicated Switch = From £69 / month

NAS backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a cost effective and efficient method of backing up your sensitive or critical data, providing you with instant access to local backups.

Dedicated NAS = From £79 / month + setup

server management

Need additional support with your dedicated server? Let us manage it for you, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. Use our qualified System Engineers to install security patches, configure software, FTP and mail servers, modify DNS records or carry out any system administration tasks you request.

6 Hour Server Management Package = £299 / month per server
Ad-hoc System Engineer Time = £49 / half hour