Cloud Hosting

FirstServ’s cloud servers offer affordable, flexible hosting with instant deployment and scalability. Powered by VMware, the global leader in cloud infrastructure, this advanced self-healing solution is perfect for companies with high uptime or mission critical requirements.
Experiencing fluctuating, unpredictable or high growth demand? Our cloud allows you to start small with the ability to seamlessly and cost effectively upgrade on-demand.



Self-Healing Technology

Load balancing, intelligent resource distribution and automatic failover ensures your cloud server maintains maximum performance at all times. In the unlikely event of a host server failure your cloud server will immediately and automatically reboot on another host server, guaranteeing high availability and business continuity.


Advanced SAN Technology

Unlike other providers offering 'cloud' on local hard drives, ours cloud is fully integrated with advanced SAS/SSD SAN technology providing high availability even in the event of a host server failure. This technology enables seamless live transitions between cloud host servers without any interruption to service or impact on performance, making downtime for upgrades or maintenance a thing of the past.


Total Flexibility & Control

Have complete control of your cloud server with full root access and choice of Operating Systems. Your cloud server comes with database, web, email and ftp servers as standard, however we give you the ability to customise your own dedicated solution. Our advanced technology enables live RAM and CPU upgrades without any reboots or disruption to your cloud server.


Fault Tolerant Cloud (Disaster Recovery)

Our Fault Tolerant option provides continuous availability for your critical applications. An identical copy of your cloud server is continually synchronised to our backup datacenter facility in Birmingham, in the unlikely event of a critical failure in London, your service will simply switch to the DR facility, giving you maximum redundancy and resilience. With zero data loss and minimum disruption to service, you can now protect your most critical applications in the cloud.


Daily or Hourly Backups

Using next generation technology from Veeam we can provide fast, transparent backup and recovery of your cloud server. This unique technology enables you to instantly boot any historic backup to recover specific data or replace your entire cloud server.


Private & Hybrid Cloud

Want the benefits of cloud hosting but require additional security and control? Let our team of experts design your own Private or Hybrid cloud solution, providing you with complete flexibility to allocate infrastructure resources as you choose and cost effectively scale on-demand.

Cloud Hosting Options


Package Prices

Cloud Package Memory Storage Monthly Price
cs 1.0 1GB 10GB £42.50
cs 2.0 2GB 10GB £60
cs 4.0 4GB 10GB £95
cs 8.0 8GB 30GB £180
cs 16.0 16GB 30GB £320
cs 32.0 32GB 30GB £600


You will be supported by our friendly and experienced 24/7 in-house technical support team, as well as having full access to myFirstServ, our unique and powerful customer portal which gives you up-to-the-second information about your environment, enabling pro-active monitoring and management of your infrastructure.