• Had promises made, promises made, which are being unfulfilled?
  • Worried you won’t receive your full payment?
  • Tired of being overbid then finding your valuation chipped away?
  • Contact FirstServ... no fuss, no disruption and no delays!

At FirstServ we don’t mess around, disrupt or delay, we’ve sold our own businesses before, and used those experiences to help us change the process for the better! In 2017, we successfully acquired three hosting client bases, are actively engaged presently, and are always looking for further acquisitions during 2018-19.

FirstServ have been in the hosting game since 1998, so we know the business inside out and are uniquely placed to ensure your migration and handover go smoothly, whilst also ensuring that your cherished customers go from strength to strength with a team that values them just as much as you did! Furthermore, we’re not a set of stuffy shirts who you’ll hate dealing with, we’re just a bunch of fun loving techno peeps loving what we do.

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We are very interested in talking to companies of all sizes, from loss-making businesses to £x00k EBIT rockstars. Domain registration, hosting, virtual / dedicated / cloud server and co-location companies or brands / divisions are all sought. So, If you're looking to get out of hosting and get exhilarated and excited without the brutal as hell bit, drop us a line. What have you got to lose?


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