Firstserv know how important it is to keep your website or applications secure and running at all times.

We offer a range of additional services for security and convenience, including SSL Certificates, monitoring services, intrusion detection, scans, and backups. We also offer domain registration services.

Get alerts as soon as problems happen. If something goes wrong you can be alerted immediately, and have our support team on hand to help. We have a range of options, so you can choose the level of monitoring that is right for you.
Secure your data and reassure your customers. SSL certificates verify who you are to your customers, and create a secure connection to your servers. Choose from a range of certificates and providers.
Protect your data. If something goes wrong you need to be able to restore your data. Firstserv offers secure, reliable backups using R1soft Data Protection. Choose the size and frequency of your backup.
Register your own custom domain name for personalised email and hosting. Choose from a variety of TLD options, including .com,, .net, .co, .eu and .org.